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From a small piece, all the way to a Jeez Louise!

Complete Interior Renovation Any Size. Any Design.

The Mechanics & The Cosmetics


From small to all, we remove the old, clean the area and haul away the material.


Whether your adding a new addition or need to update/repair your current plumbing. We'll connect all the pipes, leak free!


From a switch to a fixture, we can fix or replace any electrical mixture.


Not with a twist but with precision. We prep and provide a fresh coat for your ceiling, wall & all.

Drywall/Tile & All

New wall up or old wall down?We specialize in framing, (re)placing drywall, laying tile and flooring.

Bright Home Renovations LLC

There are many factors that go into finding a quality residential contractor that you can trust to fulfill the many dreams you have for your home. The ideal contractor must be fully licensed, fully insured, and must have years of experience on the job before they can even be considered to set foot on your property. Bright Home Renovations LLC is the ideal team of general contractors for your home remodeling plans.

Other than the strong praise from clients living in the community and our budget-minded pricing options, the most important factor is that when you meet with us for a free consultation and price quote, you leave the consult feeling like you can trust your home in our contractor’s hands. We guarantee that you will feel safe and secure with our professionals by your side.

Bright Home Renovations LLC’s Local Contractors

Bright Home Renovations LLC stands out from other locally-owned competitors and large chains because of our connections with the community. Our skilled and professional contractors have been providing local clients with their services and leaving them satisfied for a long time.

Finding a one-stop team of respected professionals like Bright Home Renovations LLC that offers their services at realistic prices is the first step to getting your next project underway.

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Home Contractors Offering Full-Services

At Bright Home Renovations LLC, when we say ‘full-service’, we mean it. We offer a wide range of services to cover any residential repairs, renovations, and new builds no matter how large or small. Some of these services include:

  • Carpentry
  • Concrete Work
  • Roof Repairs
  • Electrical Work
  • Flooring
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Tile Flooring
  • Painting
  • Plumbing

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Hire a General Contractor for Your Home Improvement

There are many reasons our professionals are hired for home improvement jobs. Clients don’t call Bright Home Renovations LLC because they’re lazy, unconcerned with cost or incompetent. They call us because they want the best job done for the best rates.

Everyone working at Bright Home Renovations LLC has received more than adequate training and first-hand job experience under their belts. We do not approach any project or problem without full confidence that we will get the job done right for you the first time.

Call us instead of risking bigger problems and potential accidents. When it comes to homes, there is no room for cutting corners or making mistakes. Even the smallest leak in a roof or slightest wobble in a patio can lead to bigger problems that will only cost you more money, time, and stress.

Our work isn’t just a quick fix, it is an investment in long-lasting quality.

Superior General Contractor Services When You Need Them

When it comes to our homes, we all want the most professional services available. With Bright Home Renovations LLC, we have a full suite of top-of-the-line services at your disposal. Just give us a call. When we hear from you, we answer every question, give you all the time you need, and provide you with a free quote on our services.